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Daymond John's Shark Bites Audio Series

MP3 Audio Series | Retail Price: $9.99 | Your Price Today: $1.99

In this 22-part MP3 audio series, Daymond answers the questions you’ve always wanted answers to. An audio FAQ of sorts, these are questions he gets asked all the time.

  • Where Should I Put My Concentration?
  • What Kind Of Boss Should I Be?
  • What Do I Look For In An Entrepreneur?
  • ​What Are The Musts Haves For A Successful Business?
  • ​Is Formal Education Important?
  • What Age Should I Start A Business?
  • ​How To Balance Work & Life?
  • ​What Should My Margins Be?
  • ​How To Start A Charity Or Non-Profit?
  • ​How Do I Stay Motivated?
  • ​How Do I Assess My Strengths As An Entrepreneur?
  • ​What's the Biggest Piece of Advice I've Been Given?
  • ​Are Mentors Important and How Do I Find Them?
  • ​When Is It Time to Go Back To Work After Failing?
  • ​How Do I Know If My Business Is Working?
  • ​Where Do I Find Qualified Employees?
  • ​When Should I Quit My Day Job?
  • ​What Should I Expect When I Launch My Business?
  • What Is The Most Important Aspect of Business?
  • ​Is Failure Important To Success?
  • ​How Do I Get Started?
  • ​How Important Is Your Why?

BONUS #1: Digital eBook Download

Display of Power: How FUBU Changed a World of Fashion, Branding and Lifestyle

PDF eBook | 241 pages | Retail Price: $8.99 | Your Price Today: FREE BONUS!

In Display of Power: How FUBU Changed a World of Fashion, Branding and Lifestyle, Daymond John gets to the heart of his unlikely run to the top of the fashion world, and shines compelling light on what it takes to succeed-from the dizzying street corners of his old neighborhood to the dazzling corner offices of corporate America-and what it takes to harness and display the power that resides in us all.

Daymond John is a driven, visionary leader who is not afraid to take risks. This brief glimpse into his life and mind is also a look at the new generation of CEOs. If you want to own your own business, or if you're a veteran executive who wants to know the mindset of this changing world, Daymond walks you through in Display of Power. A must read. - Russell Simmons, Media Mogul

BONUS #2: Digital eBook Download

The Brand Within: The Power of Branding from Birth to the Boardroom

PDF eBook | 264 pages | Retail Price: $9.99 | Your Price Today: FREE BONUS!

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, every day nearly 2,500 people go into business for themselves. Their firms account for 78 percent of U.S. businesses and $951 billion in receipts. Entrepreneurship is abundant in America, especially in the current economic crisis, but how do these companies stand out from the rest in order to succeed?

The Brand Within examines the loyalty of relationships companies seek to establish by attaching celebrities to their brands and the instantaneous impulses consumers exhibit when purchasing a product.

Drawing on his cutting-edge experiences in the fashion business, as well as his hard-won insights developed as a sought-after marketing consultant to trendsetters and tastemakers, the Daymond John argues that branding relationships have now seeped into every aspect of our lives.

Here's What People Are Saying...

Real Estate Investor, Best Selling Author, Sales Guru

"Daymond is a freaking money-making machine! He can take any entrepreneur and put them on the road to success. I love working with him because of his incredible knowledge of branding and marketing."

Real Estate Mogul, Co-Star of ABC's Shark Tank

"Daymond is a phenomenal communicator and can tackle any complicated issue and cut to the chase. I love him for a lot of reasons, the most important being, he’s the real deal. Daymond should take full personal credit for everything he’s accomplished in life. With no advantages growing up, he ignored it and built his own confidence from the inside out, chasing his dream against all odds."

Digital Advertising Expert

"Out of all the legends I’ve had the pleasure to meet and collaborate with, Daymond is definitely the most special. His marketing and branding skills are above and beyond. To have 24/7 digital access to Daymond’s industry secrets is the reason I keep logging onto Daymond on Demand."

Host of CNBC's Mad Money, Best-Selling Author, Former Hedge Fund Manager

"Perhaps one of the greatest rags to riches entrepreneurs in this country, Daymond John tells you how he built FUBU into one of the greatest, most successful brands in this country. Explaining how to brand and his mantra of item brand lifestyle, he puts you in a position to start the next FUBU. Selfless, determined, inventive, creative, Johns the real deal, the twenty-first century businessman who uses all of the new technologies, like Twitter and Facebook, to his advantage."
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