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We realize everything unfolding from COVID-19 may be creating a number of challenges for your business. As a business owner himself, Daymond has laid out a few resources in this course that can help when it comes to narrowing down funding options.

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Federal, state, and local programs are being updated regularly as revisions are being made, but for the most recent information, you can head to the U.S. Small Business Administration website for additional resources: 

Learn the Keys to Finding Funding...


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Daymond John's Online Training Course Includes...


Daymond discusses the various sources of money available to entrepreneurs and businesses.


Do you have a 401(k) or an IRA? Learn how to turn these into funding sources.


Learn the pros and cons of both equity and debt financing and understand the distinctions between the two.


Funding provided by consumers allows to generate capital as a business owner or entrepreneur. Learn the keys to this consumer-based method of funding. get some business credit.


Take a brief look at short-term asset-based types of loans.


In this chapter, you will evaluate the pros and cons of venture capitalist and private investments funding.


This chapter is about a great source of working captial - your credit card!

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Learn the Keys to Finding Funding
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$197   $37
Normally        Yours
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Learn the Keys to Finding Funding
Normally        Yours
$197   $37
Normally        Yours
$197   $37
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